Akash Singh


Akash Singh is a real estate broker, founder, and owner of ESTATEC Realtors. Akash is an experienced real estate professional with a strong passion for the industry. He is proactive and engaged, ensuring that you are fully supported throughout every transaction, leaving you completely at ease.

Ronald Peters

Real estate agent

Ronald Peters is a real estate agent at Estatec Realtors. Ronald is an experienced sales agent known for his passion and perseverance, making him a full-fledged professional in the field. With a blend of passion and humor, he guides his clients from the initial contact to the final transfer at the notary’s office. His motto is: A satisfied customer is a satisfied agent!

Rimpy Kaur

Financial advisor

Rimpy Kaur is a Financial Advisor at ESTATEC Realtors. Rimpy is a seasoned professional in financial services. With her motivated and results-oriented approach, she connects investors with financiers.

Shaam Koemar

Commercial Representative

Shaam Koemar is a Commercial Representative at ESTATEC Realtors. Shaam is an enthusiastic multitasker who takes responsibility and works methodically. He is accurate and service-oriented, ensuring that every sales process runs smoothly.